Our treatments can improve face shape, skin tissue quality and delay early aging. Certified and Safety Treatments.

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Delay aging can start as early as 25 years old. We will help you feel younger with our Certified and Safety Treatments.

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We have treatments to discover and prevent risks for your future health conditions. Certified and Safety Treatments.

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Beauty is Yours.

Youth & Beauty Clinic is where patients go for good service from qualified beauticians. Located in Kemang and Menteng, the clinic offers face and body treatments, such as body slimming. Under the care of dr. Gaby, our founder and proficient doctor, high satisfaction and good result are guaranteed.

Our Values

Quality | Safety | Satisfaction | Certified

dr. Gabriela Syerly Irawan, M. Biomed

Founder and Aesthetic Doctor

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Best Selling Services

The #1 Non-Surgical Skin Lifting Treatment In Jakarta.
The only USA FDA-Cleared Non-Invasive Neck, Chin & Brow Lifting with safety procedure.


A new FDA-approved facelift treatment that can lift, tighten and tone skin


One quick treatment can deliver outstanding results for most patients, FDA Approved

Fat Freezing

A nonsurgical technique for localized fat reduction

Dermal Filler Injection

A volume injection which contains hyaluronic acid into deep layer of the skin

Pico Plus Laser

Lutronic Pico Plus is the true picosecond laser that has multiple advance functions due to its features and high technology


A treatment to re-contour the face, and rebalance the effects of sagging and aging skin

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Our Happy Clients

Robby Purba

Thanks to my beautiful doctor @dr.gabysyer dari @youthbeautyclinic who introduced me to hi-tech and futuristic machine in FAT FREEZING treatment

Robby PurbaCelebrity
Nycta Gina

My body wasn’t like this before, but I’ll slim again! Thanks to the kind-hearted and pretty @dr.gabysyer. Also thanks to @youthbeautyclinic, I really enjoy having treatments here.

Nycta GinaCelebrity
Intan Hardja

It’s always good to be spoiled. dr. Gaby always provides the treatments we really need! love you love youuu my dear @dr.gabysyer

Intan HardjaHost

I really like PRP, as you know, @dr.gabysyer is one of my trusted doctors when it comes to matters of the skin. This vampire facial is at the top of my list for its many benefits. This amazing treatment. Love you so much @youthbeautyclinic.

AgriInfluencer from Singapore

Found this in Instagram and apparently I like the doctors and treatments. Always come to the clinic with my husband, all the treatment is for my husband. Looking pretty is also for husband. I did the Fat Freezing, Xwave, IPL, Hollywood Peel Laser, Exilis, and many other treatments. Thank you my team @youthbeautyclinic.

Mrs. SulisHousewife
Ussy Sulistiawaty

My regular clinic which made me feel at home when I had my treatments. I can spend the whole day here because it’s really comfortable, close to my house and the doctors feel like friends. Service is really good. Almost all treatment I’ve tried. Hahahaha. Love @dr.gabysyer @youthbeautyclinic.

Ussy SulistiawatyCelebrity
Baim Wong

Why keep coming back to @youthbeautyclinic, first and second time, someone is taking me here, but after that I came back on my own because I’ve experienced the magic of @youthbeautyclinic. I tried pro yellow laser, peeling and clear brilliant laser, the results are brilliant that’s why I came back. Really trying to get rid of an old scar. Hopefully I can get my smooth face back in the future.

Baim WongCelebrity
Cathrine Wilson

Not all acne treatment is suitable, I tried Pro Yellow Laser, it hurts a little but I’m really happy with the result now. I tried Fat Freezing also, a little hurt as well but beauty is pain, darling hehehe..

Cathrine WilsonCelebrity

I always come to @youthbeautyclinic for treatments. Back to when it’s still in the old location as well. Now, I’m really happy because the new place is comfortable, with experience and nice staffs. The most important is the doctor knows my skin problem from back then, so @dr.gabysyer always give me the treatment I wanted, the safest ones for my skin.

Merry Riana

Inspired by @dr.gabysyer who transformed to be younger, looking at her Instagram which has her picture back in 2017 but looking younger now that she’s older. This made me stop by @youthbeautclinic to try the treatment and be as youthful and fresh as dr. Gaby.

Merry RianaMotivator

Thanks to @youthbeautyclinic for the treatment! @dr.gabysyer has showed me the importance of skincare and shockingly even men needs it. With all my outdoor activities and sunray exposure, skincare is needed in my daily schedules. Surely will come back soon.

RyujiPERSIJA Football Athlete
Shabrina Ayu

I love the facial treatment! I’m usually lazy when it comes to treatment because it hurts and my face are red after it’s done, but this time NO! I can smile and take pictures right away after treatment! Yeay! Will definitely come back for another treatments!

Shabrina AyuHost
Bianca Liza

After searching and survey, my choice comes to @youthbeautyclinic to get rid of this fat in my body. From 1 to 10, I give 11! Hahaha because for me FAT FREEZING doesn’t hurt and really okay. You all have to try what I feel right now. Super good!

Bianca LizaHost
Furry Citra

Honest Review! After FAT FREEZING came with a result, I’m sharing now to say that I haven’t feel any difference on my thigh BUT it’s a huge difference for hip! I can feel it when I’m wearing jeans that fat on my hip is almost none. Pro Yellow laser is like being bitten by an ant, but I was honestly surprised by the result. A day after the laser, the black spots on my face are disappearing. I wasn’t keen on doing laser but the result is really good and I like it. So what should I do? Hahaha.

Furry CitraSelebgram/Influencer
Uncle Alvin Adams

Skin treatment for me is a must! Not only for women but men also need to look gorgeous. I love this place and it happens that @youthbeautyclinic belongs to my best friend, @dr.gabysyer. It’s really nice and comfortable and the staffs are really friendly. dr. Gaby always gives us what we need.

Uncle Alvin AdamsHost & Entrepreneur

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