A new FDA-approved facelift treatment that can lift, tighten and tone skin


One quick treatment can deliver outstanding results for most patients, FDA Approved.


A volume injection which contains hyaluronic acid into deep layer of the skin

Spectra Hollywood Laser Peel

laser-based treatment for all skin type, to instantly brighten skin, fade brown spots, and delay aging.

Pico Plus Laser

Lutronic Pico Plus is the true picosecond laser that has multiple advance functions due to its features and high technology


A treatment to re-contour the face, and rebalance the effects of sagging and aging skin


A minimally invasive treatment to improve face contour and other parts of body

Cold Rejuvenation

High-tech Dual Dots Focused Handpiece, a non-ablative dual-wavelength picosecond laser treatment

Moles Removal

A laser treatment used to remove moles and syringoma

Laser CO2

A carbon dioxide (CO2) laser for skin resurfacing precisely removes outer damaged skin to reveal the underlying skin

Non Surgery Stitched/Double Eyelid

An invasive treatment for creating eyelid

Glass Skin Facial

The Magnetic Holy Mask, using premium skincare line which also become its uniqueness

Chemical Peeling

A technique to improve and smoothen skin texture


A general term for tiny rough grains application to buff away the surface layer of skin

Dermalogica Facial

A facial of herbal ingredients which is done in several steps

Hydra Facial

Aqua peel combination between hydradermabration which is use chemical peeling to peel off the blackheads


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