Non Surgery Stitched/Double Eyelid

The procedure for your natural look

Short Procedure for Long-Lasting Look

A procedure where skin around the eyes are reshaped into an upper eyelid crease. Non-incisional double eyelid surgery is perfect for those with thin eyelids or asymmetrical double eyelids to enlarge current double eyelids naturally. Only a short procedure for a lasting natural look.

Minimal Downtime, No Scar

Local anesthesia is given before the procedure. However, its rapid recovery guarantees you to return to your activity almost immediately.

Reversible When You Change Your Mind

As the treatment doesn’t involve skin-cutting, the double eyelid may disappear with time. Crease may decrease as you age and your skin become less elastic. On the other hand, you can test whether you like your new look before deciding on permanent changes.

Trained Doctors on Board

While the procedure may sound simple, it requires a precision skill from trained Doctors. Don’t worry, we have the best ones to care for you.