Magisé Skincare


Holy Sparkling Essence Mist

Serves to instantly moisturize, refresh and brightens up your skin.

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MAGISE_EGF Serum-min

EGF Active Serum

Anti-aging serum that functions to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

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Flawless Night Cream

Replenishes the skin with moisture, strenghtens skin barrier.

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Acne Night Cream

Calm the skin and reduce inflammation, excess oil, sensitivity.

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MAGISE_flawless sunscreen

Flawless Sunscreen SPF 30+

Reflecting any UV rays against skin to protect and prevent UVR damage.

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MAGISE_acne sunscreen

Acne Sunscreen Sunscreen SPF 30+

Protection against UV rays + reduce inflammation and excess oil.

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MAGISE_cleanser_acne copy-min

Acne Face Cleansers

Cleanse and control excessive sebum in acne-prone skin.

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Bright & Smooth Cleansers

To cleanse the skin and remove any dirts, without stripping your skin.

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MAGISE_cleansing oil-min

Cleansing Oil

Filled with lots of antioxidants, to remove make-up and dirts.

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MAGISE Acne Spot

Acne Spot

Kills bacteria, calms down inflammation on active acne and reduces irritation.

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MAGISE Advance Bright Body Lotion

Advance Bright Body Lotion

Hydrates, prevents UVR damage and helps to instantly brighten up body skin tone.

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MAGISE Sunshield


This tinted SPF 50 sunscreen helps to protect the skin from UVR while giving the skin a natural sheer glow.

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