Healthy Teeth and Mouth during Fasting Month

The dehydration experiences by our body during fasting may also caused many problems inside our mouth. Like decreasing amount of saliva production, for example, could eventually trigger dental plaque on the teeth and mouth ulcer.

In the long run, gum problems and tooth decay might occur. Aside from long-term problems, there is bad breath that will surely interrupt our activities during fasting month. Why does this happen?

Bad breath, also known as halitosis, is triggered by the increase of Sulphur substance and bacteria in the mouth, mainly because your mouth is dry. Dental Spa is an easy way to care for your mouth and teeth to regain confidence during the fasting month. This special treatment, aimed to clean teeth and mouth, consists of scaling and water floss.

Water floss helps clean the food excess from between teeth, which is unreachable by toothbrush. This treatment is done with water spray and combined with fragrance to keep your mouth fresh.

Scaling is a common treatment to clean tartar, a common outcome from dental plaque. Scaling can also reduce surplus of enzyme in the mouth. The procedure is done by ultrasonic wave to scrape the tartar. When it’s clean, teeth are polished.

Just like its name, Dental Spa is also pampering those taking the treatment with special massage to help the face muscle relax.

Then, what can you do at home every day to maximize the Dental Spa result?

One of them is rinsing your mouth. We usually gargle when we brush our teeth. However, did you know that it’s better to spare sometime before you gargle after brushing your teeth, because it will decrease the effectivity of toothpaste? So, next time you brush your teeth, remember to wait before you rinse your mouth. Use special mouthwash when necessary. Don’t forget to do this after suhoor and breakfasting to keep your mouth fresh and teeth healthy.

Use dental floss regularly to clean the in-between teeth area that are unreachable by toothbrush. Some excess from your food will transform into bacteria and cause bad breath, especially because your mouth is dry during fasting month. Avoid cigarettes and alcohol as they also create imbalance to the health of your mouth. Eat more fruits during breakfasting, apple, jicama and carrot can help prevent bad breath.

Don’t worry about bad breath, because we can stay confident during the fasting month by taking care of our mouth and teeth.