Get Rid of Blackheads Without Any Squeezing & Without Pain!

Get Rid of Blackheads Without Any Squeezing & Without Pain!


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Frequently, people like to complain whenever they had facials in aesthetic clinics because of the pain that must be faced when their blackheads were extracted. This experience is very normal due to the extraction technique that is usually carried out by an extractor tool or the hands of the clinical therapist. Is thery an alternative besides this squeezing technique? Of course!

At YB Clinic, we offer ENVY Facial treatment where we use a machine with Dermalinfusion technology by ENVY Medical, USA. This facial machine has a 3-IN-1 Diamond Vacuum Tip: Exfoliation, Extraction and Infusion. After cleaning the patient’s face, the therapist will glide this tip on the patient’s skin surface. This Diamond Vacuum Tip is abrasive in order to exfoliate the skin’s surface while vacuuming any comedones or dirts within pores. Without having it to be squeezed, blackheads will instantly removed by the vacuum tip and dead skin cells will also be lifted, causing the facial skin to be clean and unclogged. After this step, the therapist will set the tip setting intoo “Infusion” where the tip infuse a specific serum that is adjusted to the patient’s skin condition (acne/dry/pigmentation). Since the skin is exfoliated, the penetration of the serum will be much easier and more absorbed, resulting in a brighter, moisturized and plumped skin. Does this treatment hurt? NO! As this machine uses a diamond tip, patients will only feel like they are being exfoliated by a facial scrub.

Another advantage of this treatment is that patients don’t need to be scared of contamination. After using the tip, the tip will always be immediately sterilized with an Autoclave machine. Autoclave can sterilize medical devices with a heat temperature of 121oC for 15-20 minutes. This temperature is very effective in killing microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria, spores and fungi!

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