What To Expect During Your First Thermage FLX Treatment?


source : Youth & Beauy Clinic

When we look at South Korean celebrities, have you ever wonder how can they maintain their natural youthful look? For example, Song Hye Kyo. Looking at her now compared to the time when she was in her famous Full House drama, it’s just amazing how can she still have that tightness and youthful looking skin! South Korea is popularly known for its beauty industry, especially in plastic surgery, beauty products and treatments. However, their approach in beauty is more about that natural and youthful look. Thus, Thermage FLX has been quite well-known in South Korea due to its natural results, low downtime and quick procedure, making it the best skin tightening treatment for those who doesn’t want any surgery and downtime.

Does Thermage gives permanent results?

After your “lunchtime face-tightening” Thermage FLX treatment (lasting no longer than 45 minutes to an hour), you will immediately see that your face has tighten, slimmed down and lifted. This is only 10% of the result, and you will see the other 90% results as the months pass. Optimal results are more evident within one to three months. Depending on you age and state of skin laxity, you won’t need to do another session for 12-24 months. Even though the results aren’t permanent, you can enjoy your new youthful skin for quite a long time. Besides that, during the treatment, patients will only feel a mild discomfort with a warm and tingling sensation. This is because of the new Thermage FLX features such as cooling and vibration, help in reducing pain sensation on patients.

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