Non-Invasive Skin Lifting 

It’s time to reverse your age with non-invasive skin lifting treatments that are safe, effective, and produce natural results without any downtime! In Youth & Beauty Clinic, we provide Ultherapy and Ultraskin II treatments for patients who seek natural skin lifting without any surgery or injections. Both treatments utilize ultrasound energy that will be emitted within different depths of skin layers to achieve the desired outcomes according to the degree of aging that the patients display. “So what’s the difference? At what age is suitable to start the treatment? What about the cost? How long will the effect last? Do I need multiple sessions?”  We receive similar questions from patients during consultation regarding both treatments. Therefore, we are going to break down the explanation in the table below! 


Mechanism Microfocused Ultrasound with Visualisation (MFU-V)

Delivery of precise heat energy via ultrasound waves into deeper skin layers, reaching down the facial muscle called SMAS to stimulate collagen and elastin production.

High Intense Focused Ultrasound 

Precision delivery of heat energy to epidermis up to SMAS layer,  inducing collagen and elastin production. 

Ultrasound Imaging YES

Visualisation (ultrasound imaging) feature – it offers direct visualization of the targeted area, ensuring that the energy being emitted is directed at the correct area.


  • Dermis 
  • Fat Layer
  • SMAS Layer (muscle)

  • Epidermis
  • Dermis
  • SMAS Layer (muscle)
Treatment Areas Face & Neck Face, Neck & Body
Session Needed 1~2* Sessions/year 3+ Sessions/4-6 weeks
Effect Duration 1 year 3 months
Pain Level Moderate (vary on each patient) Mild – Moderate
Side Effects Minimal redness or swelling (subsides within 24hrs) Minimal redness or swelling (subsides within 24hrs)
Age Group 30 ~ 70+  25 ~ 50+
Cost $$$$ $$


Ultherapy is highly recommended for patients who display moderate to severe skin sagging which usually begin at the age of 35+. It has a maximum and more precise energy delivery at a deeper depth, reaching the SMAS layer to induce collagen production and muscle contraction as a result of direct visualization ultrasound imaging. On the other hand, UltraMaxx Lift is more suitable for patients who display mild to moderate sagging, at the age of 25+. This is because it has a more superficial penetration of energy delivery that is sufficient to stimulate collagen production in those younger age groups. 

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