Treating Area Around Your Eyes

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Puffy eyes and dark circles under the eyes are becoming concern of many because they affect the appearance drastically. Dark circles under the eyes make you look tired, older, and unhealthy. Some of the causes are allergies, eczema, fatigue, sun exposure and aging. Unfortunately for some, these dark circles are genetics and harder to get rid of.

For the temporary causes like fatigue or sun exposure, natural remedies may be your first aid to eliminate puffy eyes and dark circles. For example, applying tea bags, cold compresses or cucumbers on your eyes may reduce the puffiness and brighten the area under your eyes. Tea, especially green tea, is known for anti-inflammatory effects. The powerful anti-oxidants found in tea may also increase blood flow to your skin and protect your skin against the UV rays. Just chill used tea bags on the eyes for about 15 to 30 minutes. Get enough rest and drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated.

Watch out what you eat and manage your allergy because allergy is a common source to puffy eyes. Don’t rub your eyes when they are itchy to avoid further stress and damage to your skin.

Aging is also the cause to dark circles because when you age, fat and collagen in the skin are decreasing and your skin often thins as well. Moisturizers also works in keeping your skin fresh and supple, including those under the eyes. If you’re using over the counter moisturizer, make sure vitamin E, aloe or hyaluronic acid is part of the ingredients. If you’re using home remedies, massaging your eyes gently before sleep with almond oil and vitamin E can be your new bedtime routine.

Talk to your doctor and see if there’s a treatment that will help you rid that dark circles faster. Especially when they are caused by genetics or aging. Skin lightening cream might be one answer if those changes don’t affect your appearance too drastically. If you want a faster fix to your look, singing up for filler or chemical peels might be the right approach.


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