Nowadays, there are various types of slimming treatments or devices available within the beauty industry. But first, it is very important for you to understand and differentiate types of devices that function to treat body concerns such as slimming and contouring. Although it seems similar, slimming and body contouring have different approaches in terms of how we treat it. In Youth & Beauty Clinic, we define slimming treatment as a procedure to eliminate stubborn fats that are presented in the body and face areas. On the other hand, body contouring is described as a skin tightening or lifting treatment that helps to improve an individual’s body contour due to concerns such as: sagging skin, loose skin, texture, cellulite, stretch marks, fine lines and wrinkles. We have summarized slimming and body contouring treatments that are available in our clinic in this table below : 


Devices Fat Freezing  Exilis Ultra 360TM Ultraskin II Thermage FLX BTL X-Wave
Mechanism Cryolipolysis : 

Destroy fat cells permanently with a -9oC temperature

RF* + Ultrasound :

Delivery of heat energy to stimulate collagen repair and


High Intense Focused Ultrasound :

Precision delivery of heat energy to SMAS layer to induce collagen and elastin production


Delivery of RF energy to heat existing collagen, causing it to contract and encourage new collagen production

Acoustic Shockwave

Delivery of shockwave energy that causes vibration within the skin, leading to breaking down fat under the skin, removes excess fat materials and toxins from the body. It also aids in collagen production for skin. 

Main Target Concerns Stubborn Fats Loose skin, fine lines & wrinkles Sagging skin Loose skin, fine lines & wrinkles, uneven texture Cellulite, stretch marks, uneven texture, fine lines
Age Group 20↑ 21 ~ 70+ 25 ~ 50+ 30 ~ 70+* 21↑


*RF = radiofrequency  *30~70+ : depend on doctor’s recommendation


It can be noticed that Exilis Ultra 360 and Thermage FLX have similar mechanisms as both treatments utilize radiofrequency energy. “So which one is for me?” Thermage FLX is recommended for those who display moderate-severe skin aging. The thermage device works by delivering a controlled high intensity RF energy that is able to induce volumetric heating in tissues up to 65°C – 75°C, without damaging the epidermis. This critical temperature allows optimal stimulation for collagen contraction and remodelling to occur on that specific treated area. For this reason, Thermage FLX is suitable to treat conditions that require a higher energy intensity to achieve optimal results. In contrast, Exilis Ultra 360 is best for treating mild to moderate skin aging. The combination of RF and ultrasound energy allows uniform heating to the area which triggers sufficient collagen repair and remodelling to improve mild to moderate skin laxity and wrinkles.