The Best Way to Produce More Collagen


Collagen production decreases as you get older. Or rather, our body breaks it down faster than we can produce its replacement. This protein then becomes the culprit to your wrinkles, less flexible joints, weakening muscles and other problems. But did you know that aging isn’t the only reason why you’re not producing as much collagen? Sometimes, the answer is in your diet and lifestyle because what you eat actually matters.


Collagen isn’t just produced by one protein or vitamin, but through a lengthy process inside our body. So one of the best ways to keep up with your body’s collagen needs is by having a balanced diet. Starts with protein-rich foods like beef, chicken, fish and beans. Then make sure you have enough vitamin C, zinc and copper from fruits and whole grains.


Bone broth is one of the best foods that can boost your collagen. Bone broth gets collagen from animals like fish, beef or chicken, and can be used in different soup or base for your cooked meal. Bone broth can be cooked at home, by slowly simmering bones in water, using slow cooker for at least one day.


Veggies are also a good source for collagen. Red veggies like beets, tomatoes and red peppers, which are rich in lycopene, can boost collagen production as well as protect your skin from sun damage. Garlic, the multi-beneficial ingredients, consists lipoic acid and taurine which are useful in repairing damaged collagen.


How about collagen supplements? Collagen supplement, which comes in powder or pills is known to improve skin hydration and elasticity faster than relying on collagen in everyday meal intake. It also promotes the production of other skin-related proteins like elastin and fibrillin. However, despite all the goodness, it’s always best to choose food over supplements


So, how to choose the best supplement for you. First, choose the one with the simplest ingredients. Then skip the ones with added flavors as they may contain sugars. Look also for FDA clearance and other health certification that clarify that this supplement is indeed safe for consumption.



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