The Benefits of Zamzam Holy Water

Hydration is one of the most important factors to your healthy skin. It plays a role in keeping your skin bright and supple, which in turn will bring out a younger look. Unfortunately, with age, the capability of skin to maintain and retain moisture is decreasing. You will experience skin dryness as you get older and dehydration is the last thing you want on your skin.

That being said, lifestyle as well as daily usage of moisturizer and other skincare for hydrating purposes is considered important. Among the hydrating trends we see every day is the increasingly popular Zamzam holy water. As described in the books of various religions, Zamzam is the gift from God, originally water springs out in a barren desert. Today, Zamzam holy water is known for its beneficial healing purposes and often use for wellness treatments. When it comes to your skin, Zamzam water is believed to help regenerations when used as a cleanser.

Another use of Zamzam water is by spraying it on your face as a mist. Holy Sparkling Essence Mist is a hydrating essence created by combining Zamzam water, gluconolactone and hyaluronic acid. It’s everything you need for fresh, radiant and hydrated skin. Zamzam water is said to contains alkaline, which is useful in neutralizing acidic substances in our unhealthy diets. Gluconolactone is a gentle substance often found in creams and serums that can help the products to rid free radicals from the skin once used. Hyaluronic acid is your best friend in anti-aging department, as it’s the key ingredients to flawless and hydrated skin.

So how do you apply Holy Sparkling Essence Mist? Use it before you apply your daily or before-bed moisturizer to increase the absorption. Spray it in during the day for a refreshed look, or before re-applying your makeup. Holy Sparkling Essence Mist will give you the instant rehydrated look you aiming for all day.

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