Skin Care Tips in Self-Quarantine Covid-19

This ‘lock-down’ situation got us to feel like we are prisoners within our own home. However, there are things that can make you feel entertained, relax and enjoy at home. In this article, we’re going to share skincare tips that you can do as at-home facials! 


  • Things that you should do prior

What you will need: a clean towel, a bowl of hot water, a headband, your skincare products (extra tool: Guasha, if you have one) 


What to watch in Youtube: face massage tutorial (if you have a guasha then please watch its tutorial) 



  • Steps – 


  1. Double cleanse – make sure you use a cleanser that doesn’t strip your natural skin’s hydration. How to notice? If you feel that your skin is tight means that your cleanser is not the right one for you.  
  2. Steam – boil some water and put it in a large bowl. Then, put your face on top of the bowl and use a towel on top of your head to block any space between your face and the hot steam. This helps in opening your pores for easing the exfoliating action to clear up any clogged pores. 
  3. Exfoliate – we prefer chemical exfoliants like AHAs or BHA rather than physical exfoliant (face scrubs) because chemical exfoliants tend to be more gentle and acceptable for sensitive skin rather than scrubs. 
  4. Face massage – using a serum or face oil that you have, give your face a 10 minutes massage that you learn from youtube tutorials. Massage is very beneficial in improving your blood circulation and it has a lifting effect! A guasha is a great tool when doing this because it is good for lymphatic drainage, reducing any swelling and helping to clears up toxins. After you’ve finished, wash your face with lukewarm water. 
  5. Mask – put a facial mask that you have for 15 minutes. If you have oily/acne-pore skin, it is recommended to use a clay mask which helps in detoxifying and absorbing excess sebum. Wipe away any excess that is left on the face. 
  6. Serum – to conclude this at-home facial, use your favorite serum. Our Magise EGF Active Serum contains growth factors, tranexamic acid and squalane. These ingredients will help in revitalizing your skin and decreasing any hyperpigmentation. For further information, you can head to Magise Instagram @magiseofficial. 


And that’s it! This is our tips in doing a simple 0 costs at-home facial during this lockdown period. Hope that you can try this out at home as a self-treatment! Thanks for reading!