Simple Ways to Age Elegantly

What makes your skin appear older? Age is only a factor out of many which makes your skin isn’t as glowing as it supposed to be.


Around 50% of aging which happened in our body is determined by genetics, because genetics plays a part in natural aging. Wrinkles appear as we age, and it’s not avoidable. However, you can always age elegantly by paying attention to environment and lifestyle as those two factors are important for your skin condition. These are what you should be doing to age gracefully and maintain a healthy look.


Avoid things that make your skin dry. A few bad habits that cause dry skin are spending time outdoors under the sun too long, smoking or drinking alcohol. The toxin inside cigarette can damage collagen and elastin, while alcohol consumption will dehydrate your skin. Spending time outdoors, without using sunscreen is also dangerous because the UV rays will reduce the natural moisture of your skin. Don’t let dry skin turns you into an older person. Always use sunscreen when you’re walking outside and use cosmetics with SFP in them. Find the perfect moisturizer for you and use it regularly, especially if your skin is already dry to begin with. Drink more water, if you consume alcohol and after doing outdoor exercise.


Clean your face and exfoliate regularly so the dead skin cells aren’t piling up and cause your skin to appear dull and older. Aside from responsible for dry skin, dehydration also triggers the loss of glow on your skin. Take this seriously because dry skin caused by dehydration is only the beginning of other skin problems such as early wrinkle appearances and sagging skin. Pay attention to your routine. Simple things like enough sleep or good stress management can provide a better, younger look the following morning.


Don’t neglect the eyes’ area. As your age, dark circles around your eyes started to appear. Although genetics may play a part, but other culprits like allergies and unhealthy diet should also be taken into consideration upon seeing one under your eyes. Don’t do diets that changes your look dramatically and always consult your doctor before starting a treatment.


Are you ready to look younger?


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