Prevent Dry Skin during Fasting

Hydration is important not only for body but also for your skin. However, during Ramadan, this can be a challenge as we spend most of the day fasting. Dry skin is one of the frequent concern showing up on the Holy Month. Dry skin will make fine lines and wrinkles more obvious. Aside from dry, cracked and dull skin also a sign that our skin is dehydrated.

So, what should we do to prevent dry skin during fasting month?

First, we should be familiar with our skin condition. Pay more attention by doing a self-check on our skin. When there are signs such as appearing dull, dry or rough, showing wrinkles, blackhead, acne and spots, or even sagging, then extra treatment is needed this Ramadan.

Extra Protection

Hot weather and long hours of fasting will damage our skin. Use plenty of sunscreen when doing outdoor activities and apply moisturizer at least twice a day especially after shower. Avoid having shower or bath that’s too hot because it will make dry skin even worse. Still doesn’t feel the moist? Use ointment with Shea Butter or those with olive and oil infuse.

Watch Your Food

Saturated fat and deep-fried food are better be avoided when you’re fasting. It’s not healthy and not good for your skin. Too much carbs, especially those coming in from processed food and white bread may cause acne. Choose more food with more water and rich vitamin A, C and E content like cucumber or lettuce to replace the lost minerals during fasting. Don’t forget to drink more water during suhoor and breakfasting so you can still fulfill 8 glass of water a day.

Get The Right Treatment

There are several treatments that can help your skin become moist and bright again during Ramadan. One of them is glass skin facial which makes your skin clear and smooth like glass. There are 10 different treatment series included, from cleansing, steam, microdermabrasion, blackheads extraction, bacteria elimination with high-frequency rays to pressure-point massage and mask. What makes this treatment special is the Magnetic Holy Mask, which use premium skincare with its unique origin of holy water and other essential minerals from Italy. You can see the result right away, so this treatment is real effective for those with very dry skin.

The other treatment is Spectra Laser or usually known as Spectra Hollywood Peel. This laser-based treatment is also able to provide immediate result for bright skin, diminish dark spots and acne scars, reduce fine lines and rejuvenate damaged skin. This is the treatment you should try during fasting month, when we often have to lessen make up usage to avoid dry skin but still want to look flawless anyway.

Let’s welcome Ramadan with bright and fresh skin.