Choosing the Right Skincare

sumber : istockphoto

Skincare routine is important to maintain healthy skin. But how to select the right skincare for you?

Choosing the right product for your skin type can be challenging, especially with the amount of skincare available in the market. Do you need one for oily skin, dry skin, combination? Do you need SPF with your products or any anti-aging ingredients? Here are the right and easy ways to choose the right skincare for you.

Cleanser is the one used daily. Those with dry skin needs to use cleanser without alcohol or fragrances because it will make your face even drier. Also, don’t use exfoliator too often. For oily skin, foam type is the most suitable, especially when combined with toner afterwards to keep the extra oil away and your face feeling clean.

Moisturizer is arguably the most important skincare you always need and it comes in different type of lotion, ointment and cream. Your skin type actually determine which type is perfect for you and yes, all type of skin do need to moisturize. If you have dry or very dry skin that are itching sometimes, it’s best to use thick ointment moisturizer. While lotion is best to use for those with oily skin due to its lighter texture. It’s also advise to use different moisturizer daily with lighter one during the day and heavier one at night. Your face also needs lighter moisturizer compare the rest of your body.

Sensitive skin, meaning your skin is easily irritated with redness, itching or inflammation, requires more careful selection of all skincare range. If you have sensitive skin, look for soothing and calming ingredients like aloe, green tea, oats or chamomile and avoid chemicals like soap, alcohol or fragrance in the products you buy. Hyaluronic acid, or glycerin are good for sensitive skin type too. Consult your doctor if your sensitive skin starts to become a concern.

Skincare routine may take some time to take effect. If you need extra boost with faster result, check with your doctor what treatment fits your skin’s need the best. Just remember to never start more than one new skincare routine at the same time.