A Beneficial Detox for Your Skin

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Detox has been a part of our lifestyle these days, especially those living in big cities. Aside from being said to improve our health, detox has also believed to help neutralized the free radicals and toxins from our skin. Is that really the case?

If this is your first time doing detox and following a detox diet, keep in mind that the process might be hard. Depends on the diet you’re taking, detox process may leave you hungry and frustrated with the limitations of food you can take, as well as the meal preparation time. However, detoxifying your body often also means cleansing your skin and it can provide your skin with the care it needs. So, how to do it right that your skin may also benefit from the cleansing process happening in your body?

First is to pay attention to what you eat. If detox means eliminating alcohol, adding more fruits and veggies into your diet, you might feel more energized and hydrated. Your skin will glow more because you eat healthy, with vitamins and minerals you didn’t get enough before. When you are experiencing skin breakout after holiday because you tend to indulge on junk food. Then detox is a good idea to do after you return to your daily routine.

Detox also usually requires a lot of water, which is often a good thing for your skin. Aside from eliminating toxin from your body, water also helps hydrating your skin. Hydration makes skin suppler, glows more and looks healthy.

Then, check on your lifestyle. Sometimes what makes your skin looks dull is your stress hormone and other external factors like pollutants that you face every day. Learn how to manage your stress and reward yourself with a me-time like doing facial at your favorite clinic. Facial is a relaxing procedure that can also help detox your skin.

sumber : gstatic.com

Just make sure you’re doing the detox program that suits your need and lifestyle. Some can be pretty extreme and may frustrate you instead of providing the cleansing you need. Remember that stress can affect your skin and we don’t want that because thus detox is meant to care for your skin.




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