Skin Whitening

For A More Glowing You

One Safe Step to Brighter Skin

This is the safest, most effective skin whitening treatment for you with skin pigmentation issues. This minimally invasive procedure may decrease excessive pigmentation and naturally brighten your skin in several sessions.

Advantageous Antioxidants

Plenty of antioxidant vitamins, one of the secrets to healthy skin, is administered to your body. Not only beneficial for your skin, antioxidant gives more energy and stamina as well as builds immune system, making you less prone to allergy and colds.

Enjoy Immediate Results

Energy boost is immediate, while brighter skin can be seen after a few sessions.

Under Supervision of Our Expert Care

Treatments available are Korean Glowing Infusion, Premium Glowing Infusion, Ultimate Glow Infusion, Chromosome Whitening Infusion. Talk to our Doctors about which one suits you the best, or if there’s any other treatments that can complement your glow.