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Fat Freezing

Reliable alternative to more invasive methods

A Non-Surgical Technique for Localized Fat Reduction

A safe treatment that presents a promising method for non-surgical body contouring. Cryolipolysis is recommended for those wanting to get rid of stubborn fat safely without worrying about the increased risk of complications from more invasive methods such as liposuction.

With the Help of Experts in Their Field

Our proficient doctors will be able to help you on choosing the right treatment and bring you to the body shape you always dream of.

Reducing Fat through Powerful Cooling Energy

Using 360° Surround Cooling Technology with multiple cooling cups which fits all curves and contours of your body. Cooling energy freezes fat deposits and triggers a process called apoptosis to dispose unwanted fat cells naturally.

Shape Your Body Without Limit

Targeting large deposits of localized fat, the procedure can be used for abdominal region, back & thighs. Designed to provide maximized comfort, this Cryolipolysis can also be complementary to other treatments you’re currently going through.

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Our Happy Clients

Robby Purba

Thanks to my beautiful doctor @dr.gabysyer dari @youthbeautyclinic who introduced me to hi-tech and futuristic machine in FAT FREEZING treatment

Robby PurbaCelebrity
Nycta Gina

My body wasn’t like this before, but I’ll slim again! Thanks to the kind-hearted and pretty @dr.gabysyer. Also thanks to @youthbeautyclinic, I really enjoy having treatments here.

Nycta GinaCelebrity
Intan Hardja

It’s always good to be spoiled. dr. Gaby always provides the treatments we really need! love you love youuu my dear @dr.gabysyer

Intan HardjaHost

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