What You Need to Know from Stem Cell Therapy


These days, Stem Cells is a familiar term for many. But how does this translate into different treatments are still a mystery for many. Don’t let the curiosity stop you from considering a stem cell treatment for a healthier and younger you. Find out the secret to Stem Cell Therapy here.

There are several types of Stem Cell therapy. The first one is autologous cell therapy which is using the patient cell for treatment. The cell is expanded to reach the required numbers before then injected into the patient’s body. Another commonly known therapy is allogenic cell therapy which is using a donor stem cell. This therapy is relatively easier because the stem cell is already available from the donor, so patient doesn’t have to go through stem cell uptake process and waiting for the stem cell to be ready for usage.

A stem-cell based treatment, Baby Stem Glow, is the latest innovation in beauty technology to preserve youth and healthy skin. Through this treatment, stem cell is inserted through infusion or injection on the face, to reduce fine wrinkles and large pores as well as to diminish acne scars and blemishes.

But the question remains, what are stem cells? Stem cells is the basic of all cells inside the human body. This cell has the ability to regenerate and transform into more specific cells. Therefore, this cell is really useful in the medical industry, including aesthetic.

As we age, different cells need extra attention. Stem cell therapy is done to accelerate the cell growth and reduce inflammation inside the body. Aside from that, the regeneration ability is also function to preserve the youth, slowing down aging and repair physical condition in general including skin and hair. In aesthetic industry, stem cell therapy is done to repair look and treat facelift without surgery, reduce wrinkles, diminish scars as well as restore skin and hair condition.

Stem cell is effectively affecting the damaged cells and transform to replace them. Stem cells usually comes from bone marrow, muscle, adipose and umbilical cord. The type used for therapy is Tissue Stem Cells which has the ability to regenerate.

Now, that you’re thinking about therapy, remember to always make sure that the stem cell facility has acquired cGMP certification. Do consult with your doctor and go through a skin test to find out how your body responds to stem cell and check if you have any allergy.