The Benefit of Skin Booster and Skin Fasting

Who doesn’t want a supple, fresh and glowing skin during holiday. Take care of your skin now and get the holiday you need with the look you’ve been dreaming of.

Have you heard of Skin Fasting? The latest trend in skin care routine is encouraging you to do nothing as a way to detox your skin from chemical exposure on your skin. This month is the right time to try out the new drift, because not only your body will benefit from fasting, your skin will be too.

So, how is skin fasting going to help you get the look you want? Skin fasting, which technically means staying away from chemical-based skincare products, will give your skin a chance to breathe. Skin regenerates itself every 3 weeks and has the ability to care for itself. While doing fasting, you might notice that your skin appears a bit oily because of sebum production, a natural substance produced by our body to prevent moisture loss and protect skin from microorganism.

But wait, before we go any further, this doesn’t mean you should stop using sunscreen when you’re going out or ditching all your skincare products all at once. Consult your doctor before doing any kind of skin fasting to avoid unwanted results.

Even without any makeup and minimum skincare, your skin should be as healthy, fresh and bright to make you feel confident. There are other treatments your doctor may recommend to try while you’re doing skin fasting, to make sure your skin stay fresh and supple. One of them is the popular Spectra Hollywood Peel. This laser-based treatment for every skin type is able to brighten skin instantly, diminish dark spots and rejuvenate skin. The procedure is safe, with no downtime so you can return to your routine right away. This treatment, which is best for those aiming for fresh and bright skin by holiday time, helps even out skin colors and reduce the fine lines as well as acne spots on the face.

You might also want to try skin booster as you reduce the amount of products on your skincare routine, especially if you’re going on a long holiday. Skin booster treatment is done by injecting Hyaluronic Acid into the skin layers, keeping it fresh, radiant and supple as well as tightening loose skin due to aging. This treatment is suitable for more mature or sun-damaged skin which is prone to dehydration because it improves skin elasticity and reduces skin surface roughness.

Let’s stay confident this holiday!