Healthy Skin Routine Before Bedtime

Taking care of your skin before bedtime is a must. Maximize the result with taking the right steps.

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  1. Removing Makeup

First thing first. Remove your makeup as soon as you’re home. Use makeup remover to ensure everything is clean up properly before you start any regular cleansing routine. If necessary, use dedicated eye makeup remover to rid of your mascara. Otherwise, use cleansing oil to dissolve makeup before washing your face.


  1. Cleansing

This step is really important for the rest of your routine because it opens the way for your face to absorb the skincare you’re going to apply next. If you wear makeup on a daily basis, it’s best to exfoliate at night to make sure your face is free of the leftover makeup. If your face is easily irritated, use gentle cleanser or regular facewash.


  1. Using Toner

Don’t skip the toner. Toner is meant to keep a pH balance to your skin after cleansing and exfoliating. Pick the right toner for your skin type for the best result. Alternatively, you can use hydrating mist.


  1. Applying Other Treatments

Night time is the best time to apply all those prescriptions or serum you’re using because all the regeneration and reparation happens when our body is resting. Just remember not to apply everything at once. Choose one treatment that is needed the most by your skin at the time. For example, if you’re on prescription for acne, skip the peeling or other serum that might add additional weight to your skin.


  1. Including Eye Cream

Eye cream is important. It’s just the result doesn’t happen overnight, so many would skip this step thinking it’s ineffective. In the long run, including eye cream in your night skincare routine will help eliminate tired look and fine lines. However, this step can be skipped if your serum or moisturizer are safe enough to be applied to the area under your eye as well.


  1. Moisturizing Before Sleep

Night cream or other moisturizer for night use are usually heavier and thicker than their day counterpart. It’s because they function to prevent moisture escaping from your skin at night. That’s why applying moisturizer should be the last step of your skincare routine.

Pay attention to how long should you wait in between each treatment. The first few steps can be done one after another right away, while moisturizer can wait until right before you’re going to sleep. Especially when you decide to add extra pampering like sheet mask. Remember to always listen to your skin needs before adding or removing any skin care routine.



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