Glowing Skin You’re In

Nobody wants a dull skin in their holiday pictures. But how to glow in such a short notice? Especially when you are so busy preparing for the long journey to your hometown or the extended vacation you’ve been waiting for. Here are what you can do:

Clean your face properly. Don’t skip a routine, especially at night when your face is accumulating dust and pollution from all-day activities. Also, make sure you remove your makeup before bed and give your skin a chance to breath at night. Use face mask occasionally for extra boost.

Don’t forget sunscreen. Sunscreen is important in preventing more damages to your collagen production, thus keeping your skin hydrated and glowing in the long run. Just remember to use the right sunscreen that doesn’t clog your skin, with the right SPF amount.

Eat right and drink enough water. Yes, what you consume matters. Get a lot of Vitamin C and E in your meals, and add on Omega-3 to prevent skin inflammation.

Get hydration treatment with Volite. This injectable treatment hydrates and enhances elasticity of the skin. The latest anti-aging injection from Juvederm, the same company that created Botox, uses Hyaluronic Acid. Hyaluronic Acid, which is one of the essential nutrients for glowing skin, has high water-binding capacity as well as stimulates collagen production. Unlike other treatments that doesn’t affect skin condition, Skin Quality Volite works on improving skin to look and feel better. This treatment is also the first to be clinically proven and which result may last up to 9 months after the first procedure. In average the result starts showing up after 10 days.

You need to pay attention to several things before getting this treatment such as avoid alcohol at least 24 hours before treatment as well as herbal supplement with garlic and ginko biloba. Prevent taking aspirin or other anti-coagulant medication at least 10 days before treatment. It’s also best to stop using peeling cream or night cream that might make your skin more sensitive at least 2 days before procedure.

Ask your doctor whether the treatment is for you and say hello to a glowing holiday.