pro yellow laser

Pro Yellow Laser

The latest innovation in laser skin rejuvenation

Greater Comfort, Shorter Healing Period

Taking about 5 minutes for each spot, the procedure provides the best absorption when treating blood vessels. This translates to less power required during treatment, which means short downtime and reduced risk of side effects. Unlike conventional laser treatment, Pro Yellow Laser won’t leave any bruise mark on your skin.

Longer Wavelength with Advanced Effectivity

Using a longer yellow wavelength (577nm), it’s the first diode laser treatment which is highly effective and safe for Asian skin type. Result can be seen after a few weeks.

Less Invasive Alternative for Your Skin Problem

Often used to treat melasma, the dark patches appearing in your skin because of pigmentation disorder. The latest advancement in laser skin rejuvenation is also perfect for anti-aging, sun damage, rosacea, wrinkles and more.

Experienced Doctors for the Best Result

Our knowledgeable doctors can advise you to the right treatments and walk with you through the journey.