7 Ways to Get Healthy Skin for the Long Term

Healthy skin brings confidence. However, looking after of your skin to always look naturally fresh is another challenge.

When was the last time a fine line on your face made you worry? Your skin encounters many problems without even you realizing them. For example, take pollution and UV, or something like not enough water consumption and cosmetics. Age is one of the factors that caused those fine lines on your face as well as other parts of your body. Aging has caused lower collagen production, which means your skin is less elastic and may appear dull.

Don’t worry, here are the easy ways to repair your skin for every day fresh appearance.

Clean your face regularly

Your face is constantly exposed to dirt and bacteria. That’s why cleaning your face before going to sleep at night and in the morning before starting your routine, are important to keep it fresh all day. Clean your face with double cleansing method, which is using makeup remover to rid the makeup and other cosmetics before finally washing it all off with facial wash.

Avoid cigarettes and alcohol

Alcohol cause dehydration, which in turn will cause your skin to look dull and dry. On the other hand, cigarettes contain harmful chemicals for your skin. Both can obstruct collagen regeneration which is important for your skin elasticity.

Consume Nutritional Food

You are what you eat, so what you consume will reflect on your skin. To maintain healthy skin, include more fruits and veggies with anti-oxidant like vitamin C in your diet. It will fight off free radicals. Then, to preserve elasticity, make sure you consume food that contains selenium like tuna, egg and whole wheat.

Drink More Water

Keeping your skin elastic and fresh includes drinking at least 8 glass of water every day. Skin cells, just like most cells inside our body, is based on water. Without enough water, it won’t function properly. That’s why, drinking adequate water is important.

Get Enough Rest

Your skin repairs its damaged cells and regenerate when you’re sleeping. Be certain to catch up with ideal sleeping time of at least 8 hours a day for your healthy skin. It’s not only a matter of closing your eyes but making sure your sleep is of good quality. Put gadget away from your bed and manage a comfortable room temperature.

Stress management

Stress incites the hormone that trigger your skin to be oily, which may clog the pores and cause acne on your face. For a healthy and fresh skin naturally, pay attention to your stress management. Make time to do activities that you like and help you to relax.

Sign up for the right treatment 

Finding the right treatment is beneficial for your skin. Talk to your doctor about which one fits your need since the right procedure may be a long-term investment for your skin.

It’s never too young to start taking care of your skin. That’s why, despite our age, we have to keep doing something to help our skin remain healthy.